Thursday, 8 December 2011

Free Rebate Processing Jobs - Legitimate Online Work From Home Jobs

Have you been searching for a legitimate online work from home job, only to be bombarded by scams and get rich quick schemes? If so, it's time to take a look at online rebate processing jobs. There is a reason these rebate processing jobs are growing in popularity year after year: they are actually legitimate online jobs. The only challenge is finding an open position since demand is so high, and many companies have been forced to start taking waiting lists!
Rebate processor jobs are legitimate online jobs that are run by companies responsible for processing rebates from big name companies such as Home Depot, Blockbuster, Netflix, and Amazon. Because the work is fairly simple, it is easily processed by someone with little training, in fact, all the is required for these positions is a computer, internet connection, basic math skills, and that employees be fluent in English.
Most rebate agencies do charge a small upfront fee to sign up and start processing rebates. This small fee is charged to cover the time it takes to review an application, otherwise they would receive thousands of applications from people who may not actually be serious about the position. However, beware of any company which charges a large upfront payment. These companies are usually offering "paid survey jobs" or "data entry jobs" which are almost always illegitimate and offer nothing in return for your payment.
Once you have learned the basics, you should be able to process around 3-5 rebates every hour. These rebates will earn you an average of $15 a piece, meaning that you could be making $45 to $75 per hour. Not bad for a job that you can do from your living room. This is perhaps the best part of rebate processing jobs, you can do them when you want, as much as you want, and truly have control of your own financial livelihood.
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